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Intumescent Fire Retardant Coating (IFRC)


New halogen-free intumescent fire retardant coatings were developed exhibiting outstanding properties for the thermal protection of structures and furniture in case of fire inside private or public buildings. These coatings exhibit a high degree of thermal insulation due to their outstanding expansion capabilities at high temperature and a tight structure which provides an efficient physical barrier between the heat source, the combustible and oxidizer (oxygen from air). These new formulations were specifically designed to address the following critical issues: 

-      Application on a wide range of materials: steels, wood, polymer and composites 

-      Low CAPEX for the production and applications of such coatings 

-      Environmental friendly use of components 

-      High thermal insulation performance in case of fire 

Aluminum Heat Shield (AHS)


The AHS is a compound system consisting of a textile base and integrated metallic coating. This system can be applied in high temperature environments of over 200 °C, up to a maximum of 650°C (short time). The advantages of this compound is that is does not contain any binding chemicals and can be formed and used like textile materials.



-      Heat resistant up to 650°C

-      Flexible

-      Free of flammable/toxic binders

-      No smoke or smells

-      High IR – reflectivity

-      Low emissivity

-      Textile carrier materials (e.g. glass fiber, aramid, fiber mats)

-      Metallic coating materials



-     Automotive, building & construction, lightweight, insulation, fire & heat protection, EMC shielding